Quick stop: Mallala open practice day 26/09/15

Mallala_prac (5)Two friends were trying out new Porsche’s at the Mallala open practice day this Saturday just gone, so AGR joined seemingly hundreds of others and went out for a sunny spring track day to man the stop-watches and tools. The bright sun made for challenging photographic conditions and caused the first sun-burn of the season, as well as bringing out a record number of entrants keen to have a run.

KVS has been slowly preparing his black Porsche 944 for the upcoming Classic Adelaide Rally, and given how he hasn’t even done a single event before and he’d never driven Mallala we thought it would be a good idea for him to throw his helmet on at least once before he tackles a closed Norton Summit special stage in a few weeks time. And friend of AGR, Brenton Griguol, was also out in a car bearing the same Stuttgart badge but at the polar opposite end of the speed spectrum, and was having a run in a Team BRM’s 991 GT3 Carrera Cup car. He’s landed himself a drive in the Carrera Cup support race at next month’s Bathurst 1000, a track he too has never seen before, so was understandably keen to have a drive of a Cup Car before he attacks one of the most daunting tracks in the world in one.

Pretending to be a race engineer was my primary task on the day so the photos aren’t the best, but there were some interesting cars out there laying a few laps down.

Andrew Coles

Mallala_prac (3)Mallala_prac (24)Mallala_prac (22)Mallala_prac (18)Mallala_prac (6)Mallala_prac (7)Mallala_prac (8)Mallala_prac (9)Mallala_prac (14)Mallala_prac (11)Mallala_prac (12)Mallala_prac (19)Mallala_prac (23)Mallala_prac (20)Mallala_prac (26)Mallala_prac (16)Mallala_prac (1)Mallala_prac (13)Mallala_prac (10)Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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