Thursday Night Special – Audi R8 V10 Spyder

AGR_R8 (2)A 540hp Lamborghini derived V10 that revs to 8000rpm, a roof that folds away out of sight and almost enough practicality to consider using as an everyday car – how can you go wrong?

AGR_R8 (8)Throw in a universally praised chassis with which to exploit that V10 howl and you’ve got the makings of an incredibly accomplished and genuinely usable baby supercar.

AGR_R8 (3)AGR_R8 (5)And back to that V10 howl. It alone is reason enough to justify owning one of these; the noise as it echoed off those quiet Mile End industrial streets made the trip worthwhile on its own.

AGR_R8 (7)Incidentally, this example is currently for sale, too.

Frank_R8 27

AGR_R8 (6)The Thursday Night Special represents a new idea for Any Given Reason. We meet up with a car and its owner at about 730pm on a Thursday night for a few quick photos and a chat. Email if you think your car might make an interesting feature for next week’s post.

AGR_R8 (1)AGR_R8 (4)AGR_R8 (9)

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  1. SK December 7, 2015 Reply

    Lovely Andrew......a heads up - make sure the owner is advised to put the correct & compliant legal plates on the car or he's susceptible to a $600+ fine, roadside removal of the non-compliant plates for destruction, and then a subsequent roadside defect notice which then precludes the car's ability to be driven any've been warned folks !


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