Rapha Pop-up Adelaide – Citroën H Van

AGR_Rapha_Pop_up (9)This isn’t the first time that the Rapha Citroën H Van has featured on the pages of Any Given Reason, but it’s just so darned cool with its open apertures serving fresh brewed espressi that it was impossible to not mark its return to our city with a quick celebratory post.

AGR_Rapha_Pop_up (10)The corrugated Parisian van was first constructed in 1947, initially to mobilise post-war France, but with its Traction Avant derived front-wheel-drive four the ‘tin donkey’ quickly gained a reputation as a basic, solid workhorse and kept its place on the production line until 1981. Save for a few le marchand  and atelier’s in the far reaches of rural France, the tin donkey is now largely the preserve of artisan food vendors, market-going barista’s and general hipsters.

AGR_Rapha_Pop_up (7)It was also extensively used as a support vehicle in the glory days of the Tour de France, which somewhat explains its place in cycling folklore today and its arrival in Adelaide for the internationally significant Tour Down Under. If you have half a passing interest in both cars and bicycles, head down to the Rapha Pop-up (12 Cannon Street) this week for a look.

AGR_Rapha_Pop_up (8)In a lot of cases the passions of cycling and enthusiast motoring often overlap, and hence you sometimes see some brilliant cycling themed cars and motorsport themed bikes in town during the Tour. So for those on Instagram, use the hashtag #carsoftdu  And for those not on the ‘Gram, post your shots in the comment section below. A Campagnolo liveried, bright orange early 80’s Volvo support wagon was a favorite spot of mine from a few years’ back.

AGR_Rapha_Pop_up (3)Appendix 1: AGR reader Felix’s carbon frame Colnago, custom hand painted in Marlboro McLaren Formula One livery. You get the idea. #carsoftdu

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

And a few more two wheeled objects of art from AGR’s Sunday morning visit to the Rapha Pop-up for those with a cycling inclination…

AGR_Rapha_Pop_up (6)AGR_Rapha_Pop_upAGR_Rapha_Pop_up (5)AGR_Rapha_Pop_up (2)AGR_Rapha_Pop_up (1)AGR_Rapha_Pop_up (4)AGR_Rapha_Pop_up (11)

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    There is one of those in Melbourne is it the same one ,or has someone gone in to production

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