The Monday Night Drive

MondayNightDrive_01 (3)It was a bit of an odd one, the Monday evening just gone. Not quite long weekend, not quite a regular work week. The Australia Day public holiday falling on a Tuesday meant an awkward single-day return to work, so why not cap the day off with an evening drive through the hills?

MondayNightDrive_01 (2)It was all a very last minute idea. A quick message was sent out and at 7pm a small group of varied cars assembled in a vacant carpark in Adelaide’s East, ranging from an FPV F6 ute with many hundreds of kilowatts through an FC RX7, a Toyota Chaser, a Celica GT-Four, Mazda MX5’s of both NA and NB variety, an Alfa Romeo 33 16V, BMW E21 323i and my own little Fiat X1/9. A few others who’s project cars weren’t quite completed arrived in their daily drivers’, or hitched along with someone else.

MondayNightDrive_01MondayNightDrive_01 (1)MondayNightDrive_01 (4)

MondayNightDrive_01 (5)With the commuter traffic still lingering it was never going to be a serious drive, so we put the windows down and headed into the hills via Greenhill Road, more keen on enjoying the balmy summer evening than anything else.

MondayNightDrive_01 (7)Our evening came to an early end when Tim in his E21 took a WRC style super-cut on Stony Rise Rd and found an unexpected pothole causing an odd suspension noise. The rest of the group went on while the three of us driving the old crappy European cars stopped to help Tim out. Solidarity and all that.

MondayNightDrive_01 (12)There was something not quite kosher in his front left bearing assembly, and after some quick diagnosis we decided it best for him to limp back down the hill at a slow crawl.

MondayNightDrive_01 (8)MondayNightDrive_01 (6)MondayNightDrive_01 (11)MondayNightDrive_01 (13)MondayNightDrive_01 (10)If you’re going to break down, it’s best to do it when the light is good for photos.

MondayNightDrive_01 (16)MondayNightDrive_01 (15)MondayNightDrive_01 (14)The three of us slowly crawled in convoy to our agreed finishing point, the Scenic Hotel at Norton Summit, and waited for everybody else to arrive.

MondayNightDrive_01 (19)MondayNightDrive_01 (18)It wasn’t an Australia Day celebration as such, but the thought was not lost on me that’s it’s pretty cool to live in a country where we can all just meet up and enjoy a quick drive through the hills. There’s many places on this planet where doing what we just did would be out of the question.

MondayNightDrive_01 (20)MondayNightDrive_01 (17)MondayNightDrive_01 (21)Sometimes the most informal drives are the best – and here’s to plenty more of them.

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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