It begins… and another Land Rover is added.

Second_series_2You know when you’re driving through the hills and you see a row of old Land Rover’s parked up in a paddock and wonder how they came to be? This is where it starts. Friends of AGR may remember a recent story about Bryce and his unexpected acquisition of a 1963ish Land Rover Series IIA. Well, now he has another.

Second_series_2 (2)Sure, sure. There’s always a good reason. Especially when restoring a car, buying another one is often the only way to lay your hands on a ready supply of good parts. And when another old Land Rover full of useful parts came up on Gumtree at a bargain price because it was wrapped around an unidentified chassis that would be fiendishly difficult to ever register, it was a simple choice.

Second_series_2 (1)You know how they run those public health campaigns about alcoholism and drug abuse to educate the public about spotting the early warnings signs in their friends and family? This is it. It starts with a good excuse for buying a second one. Next it will be a third, and then a fourth because the deal is just too good to refuse. Then you become known as that Land Rover guy, and suddenly they’re in the front yard and parked in the street as well.

Second_series_2 (3)But Bryce is determined that he won’t become that guy, and that the second was acquired only for pragmatic reasons and will be gone as soon as possible. He’s got some pretty cool plans for his SWB too, remaining true to its heritage and period whilst mixing in a few details from the types of cars he’s more accustomed to owning and driving. It’s going to be fun to see how it turns out.

Words and photos by Andrew Coles.

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