Targa Tasmania prep – the Hartge H35-24

AGR_Hartge_Targa (4)There’s always time to check out a cool car. In the middle of Any Given Reason’s own preparations for the 25th Anniversary Targa Tasmania rally next week, I found time to quickly escape and fire off a few frames of Matt Selley’s freshly liveried tarmac rally prepared Hartge H35-24 before it departed Adelaide for the Apple Isle.

AGR_CA_15 (155)AGR readers might be familiar with Matt’s E30 as it has been a bit of a regular on the local tarmac rally scene since he imported it from Europe a few years back. European rally cars are often pretty rough, so for the upcoming Targa Tasmania event Matt has given it a bit of a freshen up with some new parts and a new livery which is a direct replica of the Hartge factory livery used in the eighties.

AGR_Hartge_Targa (5)Hartge were the ones that built the BMW’s that everybody dreamed of but BMW wouldn’t build. They were heinously expensive and built on a per-order basis, and the H35-24 is an E30 M3 fitted with the famous M30 from the BMW M5.

AGR_Hartge_Targa (3)Which is pretty much the same engine as fitted to the M1 supercar, and Matt’s has had a fairly significant amount of development from there. He’s pretty shy to talk about what sort of power its making, but it’s a lot.

AGR_Hartge_Targa (1)Throw in a proper gearbox, proper suspension and adequate brakes and you’ve got a bit of a weapon on your hands.

AGR_Hartge_Targa (2)AGR_Hartge_TargaWords and photos by Andrew Coles

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  1. Tom Gilbert April 8, 2016 Reply

    Yes I've been admiring the development of Matts car. The livery is simply stunning but it's got the mechanicals to go with it. It's the full package if you ask me. Love it.

  2. Mike April 9, 2016 Reply


    It's not an m30 from the m5
    It's an s38b35...
    M30 is the single cammer as found in 535s etc

  3. Peter Jorgensen April 9, 2016 Reply

    Looks fantastic and sounds like it will go the same!

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