Anything is possible in 1/32 scale

AGR_slot_carsWhen was the last time that you saw a pair of Porsche 962’s and a Mazda 787B battling it out, racing wheel to wheel and rubbing panels every so often? Okay, so anyone who’s attended the Silverstone Historics or the Goodwood Members Meeting might have an answer to that question, but most of us have got nothing.

AGR_slot_cars (1)However, anything is possible in 1/32 scale. For years I’d avoided slot cars because I didn’t have the space for a track, but dotted all over most capital cities (Adelaide included) are large tracks that you can use for less than ten bucks. What better way to spend a wintery Friday night than wheel to wheel competition with some friends?

AGR_slot_cars (3)For the most part our cars sit on the shelf as pristine display models, but every few months they’re wheeled out and thrashed to within an inch of their lives. It’s all rather symbolic of the real cars you’d find at Silverstone or Goodwood, in fact.

AGR_slot_cars (4)I’ve put faster engines into a few of mine and have started mucking about with stickier tyres, and on the right tracks where there isn’t a lot of grip they are quite a bit of fun. If you modulate the throttle just right you can hang big smooth slides, but push a little too hard and you’ll be off in no time. It’s a great challenge. I put the fastest motor I could find in my 131 Abarth which combined with the standard tyres under a short wheelbase makes it quite twitchy to drive, but it’s very quick when you get it right.

AGR_slot_cars (8)AGR_slot_cars (7)AGR_slot_cars (2)No, slot cars will never replace real motorsport or real cars. But it’s a pretty good way to spend the in-between times when you can’t be out on the track yourself.

AGR_slot_cars (5)Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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