Adelaide Cars and Coffee – July

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (7)Well I guess it’s official now, the investigative journalists over at Adelaide Now have called it. With enough statistics to rival even the most rigorously reported footy game, July 2016 has been scientifically proven as the wettest July since…. oh stuff it, who cares.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (3)Either way it’s rained a fair bit lately, so with a misty and wet Sunday morning on the cards one would have assumed that the July Cars and Coffee would have been a bit of a bust. You know, you’d be forgiven for taking road safety as an excuse and staying at home in that nice warm bed where there is absolutely zero chance of stepping in a puddle and saturating your sock in run-off water.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (1)Never ones to be wrapped in cotton wool, we decided to go up anyway for a look. Friend of AGR, Karl, had finished installing a new ignition system into his 944 the night before and was keen to take it for a run. Best to break down as close to sympathetically like-minded enthusiasts, right? I jumped in anyway.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_JulyAt least the passing traffic while I waited for Karl was on point.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (2)As is becoming a dangerously common tradition before these types of events, the morning started with a now mandatory coffee stop at Red Berry. It’s a long trip from the city up to Blackwood, remember, and it serves to be adequately caffeinated.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (4)Anyone who knows Karl or myself will attest to the fact that a Balinese Romex keeps better time than we do, so the latte’s were served to-go. No cup holders in a 944, either.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (5)We were heading to a friend’s house at Glenalta, where Lee had already arrived in his recently acquired 911. We formed a nice little due of mid Eighties Porsche’s…

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (6)… ‘Marty, we have to go back!’

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (33)

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (8)Our predictions as to the midwinter meet being minuscule were unfounded, and when we arrived the only parking space in the main area was semi-submerged. What was that about the risks of a wet sock?

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (9)Eh, at least the reflection made for nice photos.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (21)A lot of the same cars turn up each month, but there’s always something new and interesting to see. This Cobra may have been a replica, but it looked to have been built with a full aluminum body. Very cool.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (22)The Fiat 130 Coupe is a rarity these days, a unicorn amongst seventies grand tourers, and even more in such fantastic condition as this example. The Pininfarina designed coupe looked brand new, as if it had just rolled off the showroom floor. These cars suffered badly from the same tragic fate that struck cars like the Porsche 928 and Lamborghini Espada; that nobody properly restored or maintained them because their high levels of mechanical complexity meant the costs involved quickly outstripped the value of the car. Thankfully their values seem to be heading north, encouraging people to keep them in fine fettle.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (10)This Volkswagen Up! was a favorite. They may seem like an uninteresting shopping trolley, but the Up! is the closest modern interpretation to the original Fiat 500 that I’ve ever driven. The tiny three-pot produces almost zero discernible power, but when coupled with the snicky five speed manual it means you can drive them flat, everywhere. Sitting low on some nice turbofan style rims, this is a cool little bus.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (12)Variety is the spice of life, right?

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (31)AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (23)AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (24)AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (27)AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (26)AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (36)AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (20)AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (38)AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (18)Our little group all agreed that the best part of this monthly gathering, other than the coffee and banter, are the types of cars it attracts that we never normally see. I don’t go to the kinds of events where old school Ford Country Squire’s are found, but I sure am keen to have a good look at one every so often.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (19)Look at that trim – it’s dank!

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (25)Is there anything more American than engraving ‘Patriot Freedom’ into the head of your Ford race engine? A little bit of Googling has revealed that this is a company who make performance cylinder heads, but even that is still as yankee as it comes.

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (29)Or maybe you prefer your Ford performance with a more Aussie bent?

AGR_Cars_Coffee_July (30)Either way, there’s plenty on offer. Even with the mist and the damp right foot, it’s a good way to spend a Sunday morning.

Words and photos by Andrew Coles


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  1. Tom Gilbert August 3, 2016 Reply

    What a fabulously eclectic gaggle of motor cars Andrew. There really is something for everyone. Must get myself to one of these meets at some stage.

  2. Troy Ryan August 4, 2016 Reply

    I'll remind you next month...

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