A little rain won’t dampen Lightforce Rally SA this weekend

rallysa_2015-3A little rain never hurt anyone, right? The past few days have been a little wet in South Australia, to the point that the Westerly two lanes of suburban Greenhill Road were a flowing river for a little while last night. And it kinda got me thinking, as I stood there watching manhole covers float down the road, that if Adelaide’s parklands and arterial roads were under water then how would the wettest parts of the state be coping? You know, the parts that are set to host our round of the Australian Rally Championship this weekend?

rallysa_2015-22Truth be told, not that well. But whilst it’s safe to say that the dust and heat problems that made the 2015 event a little uncomfortable won’t be much of an issue, the event will still continue with a modified route. Some parts of stages due to be run on Saturday morning were under a meter or more of water this afternoon (Friday), and as a result the QH, Waterholes, Gum Flat and Buddy’s stages have been cancelled. The Mount Crawford Forest stage start has also been moved 3.5km further on.

rallysa_2015-12To make amends, the brilliantly fast and flowing council stages of Goldfields, Corryton Park and Trial Hill will all be run twice instead of once.

rallysa_2015-15It’s shaping up to be a cracker event for spectators. There will be water splashes and mud everywhere, and the chance to stand in the middle of the Mount Crawford Forest in the pitch black darkness on Saturday night watching national rally cars being flung at high speeds is not one to be missed. Just make sure you bring your gumboots!

All of the relevant and updated spectator information can be found by clicking here.

rallysa_2015-5Last year’s Rally SA was staged the weekend after the Adelaide Motorsport Festival/Classic Adelaide weekend. Any Given Reason was so busy in the aftermath of those events that I never actually got around to publishing my photos from the 2015 Rally SA event, so enjoy these unseen shots from last year as a kind of recap/preview.

See you out in the forest!

rallysa_2015-8Words and photos by Andrew Coles

rallysa_2015rallysa_2015-1rallysa_2015-2rallysa_2015-4rallysa_2015-6rallysa_2015-7rallysa_2015-9rallysa_2015-10rallysa_2015-11rallysa_2015-13rallysa_2015-14rallysa_2015-17rallysa_2015-18rallysa_2015-20Road car win.


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  1. Guy September 20, 2016 Reply

    The first pic at the top, of the #8 Focus, the "OPTI-COAT" text looks like it was added in later. The flying dirt underlines it perfectly! It just caught my eye and makes the text really stand out. It made me use a generic search engine to find out what OPTI-COAT is.
    Its paint protection (had never heard of it)
    Nice photo Andrew!

    • Andrew Coles September 20, 2016 Reply

      Thanks! Yeah all straight out of the camera :)

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