Coffee & Cars Blackwood – October

agr_oct_carscoffee-35A man driving a forties era Dodge special slowly passes through the assembled group. The old race car, wearing a bold number 80 and a South Australian crest on its flanks, is clearly juxtaposed by the more modern sports and muscle cars surrounding it yet it doesn’t seem entirely out of place. Like the suited office types still lingering around the city pubs after midnight on a Friday – not really in the scene, but still fitting in rather well. Welcome to Coffee & Cars.

agr_oct_carscoffee-3The usual assortment of weekend toys, well-thought out project cars, almost attainable exotica and factory-fresh resto’s graced the Blackwood carpark on a Sunday morning that dawned bright and sunny but quickly became cold and windy.

agr_oct_carscoffee-10The crowd dispersed pretty quickly once it became apparently that the weather wasn’t going away. But it was just long enough for a quick coffee and a chat before getting the cars home and in the garage before the roads became wet and slushy.

agr_oct_carscoffeeagr_oct_carscoffee-23agr_oct_carscoffee-27agr_oct_carscoffee-7agr_oct_carscoffee-9agr_oct_carscoffee-12agr_oct_carscoffee-13agr_oct_carscoffee-11agr_oct_carscoffee-6agr_oct_carscoffee-22agr_oct_carscoffee-24agr_oct_carscoffee-31agr_oct_carscoffee-32And car of the meet? It’s fun to ask around as everyone you speak to will have a different answer and each for equally valid reasons, but the car that knocked me out the most was this super clean Beetle. That grey colour is understated yet glamorous, and it works so well with the chrome trim and those yellow fog lamps.

agr_oct_carscoffee-5Just enough Cal-Style to be cool, but not so much as to be cliche. And all executed with superb detail.

agr_oct_carscoffee-4agr_oct_carscoffee-38agr_oct_carscoffee-37Afterwards we dropped into Zander’s (aka Boys Own Garage) for the now traditional post Cars & Coffee coffee. My Fiat was slightly outnumbered by those funny rear-engined cars from Stuttgart, but we all found common ground nonetheless.

agr_oct_carscoffee-39agr_oct_carscoffee-40agr_oct_carscoffee-41That pristine Amarok, though.

agr_oct_carscoffee-43And as the rain finally hit the Adelaide suburbs it was time for a quick scoot down the hill, and back to the cover of the garage.

agr_oct_carscoffee-25Words and photos by Andrew Coles


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