Formula One hits Victoria Square ahead of the Adelaide Motorsport Festival

agr_ca_wed-8Media events are usually pretty dull, but occasionally one comes along that’s genuinely exciting. And as far as motorsport excitement goes, having four period Formula One cars lined up in a city centre with an engine start is certainly up there.

agr_ca_wed-6Throwing in a trio of period drivers signing all manner of memorabilia made it a suitable prelude to this weekend’s Adelaide Motorsport Festival Victoria Park Sprint and Classic Adelaide Rally.

agr_ca_wed-9Present was the Ferrari F156/85 from 1985 and its driver, Steffan Johansson. The 1986 BMW Benetton, the most powerful Formula One car ever, sat alongside.

agr_ca_wed-15On the other side sat the famous Leyton House March in that incredible teal blue livery, its driver Ivan Capelli, and the 1994 Ferrari 412T1 which was started for the crowd. Pier Luigi Martini was also in attendance.

agr_ca_wed-1agr_ca_wed-11agr_ca_wed-4agr_ca_wed-3agr_ca_wed-12agr_ca_wed-13Ivan Capelli was genuinely thrilled that someone came along with his original race suit, worn by him here in the very car he will be driving this weekend. There’s a lot of F1 stuff in Adelaide, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of it about.


agr_ca_wed-20Of course, the Classic Adelaide Rally is also taking place as part of the festival and that’s where a lot of Any Given Reason’s focus will be – sitting in the co-driver’s seat of Guy Standen’s Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint. And the Classic Adelaide thing explains why it isn’t as unexpected as you might think to walk into an Adelaide shopping centre car park and find a genuine Lancia 037 parked up.

agr_ca_wed-18Any Given Reason, as part of our new Sports Car Safari print magazine project, will be producing the official event photography package. So if you’re entered in the rally, head on over and purchase a pack of photos of your car –

agr_ca_wedExpect plenty more material coming up from the Festival over the next few days.

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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