Burger Meet VI – Boxing Day 2016 at Penny’s Hill

Save the date! Any Given Reason Burger Meet is back – Boxing Day 2016, at Penny’s Hill McLaren Vale from 6pm.

Burger Meet has traditionally moved to a different venue each year, but in 2015 we struck a friendship with the likeminded petrol heads at Penny’s Hill Wines and for 2016 we return. A gold coin donation to the local CFS as you enter is all it will cost you, and this year the Burger Meet poster will be on sale as well.

With the mandatory burgers lovingly prepared by the team from Penny’s Hill’s new restaurant project, The Cellar Door, enjoyed with a few drinks around what usually ends up being the most eclectic collection of cars you’ll find anywhere in South Australia, Burger Meet VI is set to simply tweak and refine the concept a little. We’re not talking a Porsche 993 to 996-esque shift, rather 996 GT3 evolving to 996.2 GT3, if you will.

Because really, what else are you going to be doing on Boxing Day anyway? Burger Meet is a gathering of interesting cars and their owners. So if you have access to a car (or bike… or even boat…) that someone might find interesting, bring it down! I can’t wait to see what will roll through the gates at Penny’s Hill in a couple of weeks’ time.


Also – for the first time, Burger Meet is coming to Melbourne! At this late stage it won’t be anything on the scale of the Adelaide meet, but if you have any Mexican friends with interesting rides, tell them to keep the evening of 29/12/16 free. More details and location to follow.

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  1. Hosting April 29, 2017 Reply

    This year’s event happened to fall on the same Boxing Day evening as the annual Jaf’s Last Cruise event, which consumed the majority of the Adelaide car community.

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