Another Sunday, another morning run

Scroll back through the last few month’s worth of Any Given Reason stories and you’d be forgiven for thinking that all we actually do is to spend Sunday morning’s hopping around to different coffee shops. Not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s just that this summer I’ve been distracted with a few other projects and that’s about all I’ve ended up doing car wise. That’s set to change with our trip to the Bathurst 12hr next weekend and the year’s worth of motorsport that will follow, but this morning there was still time for another jaunt before the serious stuff gets underway.

Last night’s go-karting grand prix quickly got out of hand as we raced for sheep stations, so with blistered hands and some seriously sore ribs I climbed into Karl’s 944 and we headed into the hills with no real plan. We were deep in conversation about the previous night’s tactics and spills when a 911 T/R and a Cayman GTS quickly caught us, we let them past and enjoyed the view as we chased them through Basket Range. We stopped for coffee in Stirling, swapped seats and I pointed the 944 toward Strathalbyn and a chance encounter with a few Porsche friends down there. With stomachs full from a remarkably healthy breakfast at Appleseed we pushed out into the dry plains and across to Callington, turned back toward Kanmantoo and blasted through one of the best tarmac rally stages in the country to Nairne. By this point it was beginning to heat up significantly, so we traversed the vines of the Adelaide Hills and made it back to Adelaide before it became too uncomfortable.

I don’t know what this home concoction was, but it’s all kinds of awesome. The engine is some sort of large displacement two-stroke that sounded like nothing I’ve heard before, it has a single arm rear swingarm that looks as if it came from a superbike and the front end and brakes look like they’re from a Yamaha R1 or similar. Actual widowmaker.

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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