Scenes from the All British Day

It’s no wonder, given our heritage as the colony of Australia, that the All British Day is one of the biggest and longest running car shows in Adelaide. Old Blighty is where our automotive heritage first came from; a large settler population that were finding their post-war feet right as the automobile was democratised resulted in millions of imports, and a huge aftermarket support means many are still lovingly running today. Throw in that England was at the crux of the sports car revolution of the fifties and sixties and has been responsible for some serious technical and styling innovations since then, and there’s plenty to justify a quick trip up to the show at Echunga.

Most of the dowdy passenger cars that form the backbone of the show are not really my cup of tea, to pinch an overtly English phrase, but there are always plenty of gems to be found in between. The long line of Healey’s, a Talbot Sunbeam-Lotus, a Bristol 405 and the first Lotus Formula One car ever built were a few of the highlights – presented here are a handful of scenes that caught my eye.

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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