Ferrari Adelaide celebrates 70 years of the Prancing Horse

70th birthday celebrations can usually go either way. Party pies, a light beer and a 630pm wrap-up is common, or for those not going quite so easily into the good-night they can also become a thing of revelry. As a company, Ferrari certainly fits into the later category. At their platinum jubilee they are producing some of the fastest and most technologically advanced supercars that the world has ever seen, so their 70th was never going to be marked by a quiet press release and a dealer-fit special edition.

In 2017, special events have been taking place all over the world, including in Australia where several landmark events have been earmarked for a special presence of the cavallino rampante. As an exciting precursor to the celebrations that will take place at the upcoming Adelaide Motorsport Festival in December, local dealer Ferrari Adelaide arranged for over 100 Ferrari’s (106 to be precise) to drive in convoy through the Adelaide Hills to a display at the Birdwood National Motor Museum.

We’ll ignore the fact that Any Given Reason arrived after a Sunday morning blast in a small convoy of Porsche’s – there’s no photos, so it never happened, right? With the midwinter sun shining brightly and a slight kiss of sunburn, here is a quick snapshot of the cars that caught AGR’s eye. 

Words and photos by Andrew Coles


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  1. Tom Gilbert September 13, 2017 Reply

    Very cool.. and a fitting setting for some European exotica.

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