A pre-Christmas Outlaw gathering at the Ace Cafe London

London is an interesting place, and it’s easy to understand why not everybody gets the fuss. In fact, most English people born outside of the M25 tend to avoid it wherever possible. Your personal space is invaded on a daily basis and there are people everywhere. Unless you’re lucky it’s almost impossible to live in Central London and have a garage big enough to house a car, and the cost of living verges on extortionate. However, there’s a lot to love about London, too.

Chief amongst London’s various positive attributes is the fact that no matter the weather, no matter what time of year, day of the week or time of day, there is always something going on. If you want to set foot outside your house in London, you’ll never be short for something to see, and this point was underscored a few days ago. On December 21st, as the rest of the automotive world was winding down and preparing for the Christmas break, my social media feeds broke the news. Magnus Walker would be in town – ‘Outlaw gathering and Beard Convention at the Ace Cafe – 8am Saturday Dec 23’.

From what I’ve so far gathered, Magnus Walker is a genuine nice guy. And every so often when he lands in a foreign city, he throws out details for last-minute gatherings and all the Porsche guys turn up en masse. It doesn’t matter that it was two days before Christmas, winter, and barely 2deg out – last minute Porsche gathering! Thank you Magnus… thank you London. Time to get one last car event in for 2017!

This is the dream right here, folks. It looks relatively stock from the outside, but it sounded angrier than a factory RSR and featured a full roll cage concealed neatly within its period competition inspired interior.

Trumpet exhausts, a fire bomb, a battery cutoff, semi-slicks (must have had zero grip in 2deg ambient), some sort of tricky close-ratio box, bonnet pins and no external stickers. Is this the most tasteful track car ever?

One thing that can be said for the Porsche guys is that they do drive their cars. Of course, every brand has their outliers – there are pampered Porsches, just as there are well-worn Ferraris. However, when did you last go to a Ferrari meet and see several of the highest models parked up completely filthy?

A few months back, AGR popped up to Aberdeen, Scotland, for the launch of Magnus’ book, titled ‘Dirt Don’t Slow You Down’. I guess there’s truth to the title, then?

Unexpected meets are the most enjoyable, and London is one of the best places to enjoy them.

I wonder what the first event of 2018 will be?

Words and photos by Andrew Coles




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  1. Mike December 27, 2017 Reply

    Your 100% on the money mate, Magnus is a pure car guy through and through!

    I know what the last event of 2017 will be mate, and I wish you were going to be here for it!!

    Till we meet again mate.


  2. Moto.laurie Sai gon December 28, 2017 Reply

    Keep it up brother

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