Verde Germoglio – The Green Sprout

Verde Germoglio – literal translation: Green Sprout. So exotic, yet so simple. It’s an official Ferrari colour that most have never heard of, let alone seen in person. And I was no different, until I chanced upon a 246 Dino GTS painted this most electric shade at an event the other night.

Dare I say it, but the shade doesn’t differ significantly from Holden’s Barbados Green, applied so liberally to SLR Toranas and Sandmans in the Seventies. Holden’s name for it is arguably more exotic-sounding than Ferrari’s; as is Ford’s, too. Citric Acid was famously applied to the BA era XR6, XR8 and GT Falcons of the early 00s, although I feel slightly ashamed in comparing any of these cars to the 246 Dino, which is surely one of the most stunning shapes that metal has ever been formed in to.

Under the warm lighting present in Coys’ Royal Agricultural Hall in London, this is one of the most difficult colours that I have ever attempted to photograph. As such, the photos do a poor job of representing it properly. But make no mistake, this is one of the most utterly spellbinding applications of colour that I have ever encountered. The 246 GTS was surrounded by other Ferraris, a semi-Lightweight E-Type, an SLR McLaren, and another 246 Dino GT wearing the traditional Rosso Corsa. None of them got a look in – all eyes were on the Verde Germoglio Dino 246 GTS.  

I never knew that this was a factory Ferrari colour, yet this Dino was delivered in it new. Allegedly, it is thought to be one of just 17 delivered in this shade. It makes perfect sense – bright greens like this are a product of the Seventies, as is the Dino. And if it was good enough for supermodel Twiggy to order her Muira painted similarly, why not on a Dino?

It would have taken a great deal of courage to order your new Dino in this shade in 1973, and it was certainly not a decision taken by a wallflower. However, it makes more sense today. You think a regular Dino parked on the street would attract attention? Just leave this baby outside a cafe in North Adelaide for half an hour on a Saturday morning, and see how many times it ends up on Instagram.

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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