Highlights from the Autosport International at the Birmingham NEC

The Autosport International is one of the world’s largest motorsport industry trade shows, with almost every major motorsport company having some sort of representation at the show. Held in several packed halls at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre in the UK, there really is something for every motorsport lover. The major manufacturers all have a presence, as do the bigger teams, championships, parts suppliers, major magazines, media companies, equipment manufacturers, memorabilia dealers, clubs, auction houses and travel companies. If there is some sort of connection to international motorsport, it will likely be represented at the Autosport International.

Walking the halls is an immersive experience, and at times you really don’t know which direction to head. There’s just so much to see. You can inspect the latest WRC and F1 cars up close, attend team launches, purchase an old F1 gearset or a Dymag wheel from a Koenigsegg, meet drivers, hunt for an elusive model car, buy a pedal box, watch a CNC 5-axis mill in operation, play with a sequential dog box, and speak to the engineers who have actually designed the products on display. This place would be heaven if you were building a car and needed advice on component choice, or had a huge amount of disposable cash to blow on collectables.

However, AGR isn’t, and doesn’t. So instead, I wandered the halls, camera in hand. This here is just snapshot of the things that really stood out, and only just begins to scratch the surface.

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